Summer 2018

With Spring already speeding by, Cutthroat has begun looking forward to create our summer plans. News of RuneScape updates such as Raids 2, a possible 10v10 league, tweaks to revenant caves, and the June Deadman Tournament mean that we plan on having an exciting and action packed summer.

Over the next couple months leading up to some of the updates you can expect to see Cutthroat out in the wilderness even more. Our current rivalries with the anti-ct alliance clans Revenant, Chivalry Legion, and Jaja are heating up as we put the pressure on them. We have used the winter months wisely to prepare for big spring and summer battles. Despite being the underdog going up against these three clans at once, knowing that Cutthroat members never break gives us a significant advantage over our opponents. Lesser clans have consistently attempted to team and attack us, sometimes even using out of game methods such as ddosing to try to take us down. However, we have always prevailed and we are confident we will once again to rid the wilderness of clans that rag in addy and crash smaller clans.

Outside of our wilderness conquests we have been beefing up our quality in clan wars. We have at least 2 to 3 planned clan wars fights every week to keep our members on their toes. We have also begun preparing for a potential 10v10 league that Mod Sween originally announced at the end of 2017. Being the newest clan in the RSB (maxed gear warring) scene we have a big challenge ahead but have already scored some impressive victories in the last Jagex Tournament and against prominent warring clans such as Vintage. We’re also hyped up for the summer deadman tournament in June where you may see us competing for the $20,000 prize!

Lastly, we always try our best to give back to the OSRS community that has helped support us so I’m happy to announce that we will be hosting 3 tournaments for prize money over the next 3 months. You can also tune in to our Twitch channel ( and follow or subscribe OR hang out in our public discord ( for regular giveaways.