Rank Team

Pipsqueek has 13 years of clanning experience ranging from single BH and PvP teams to the top P2P and F2P multi clans.  Her most notable experience comes from being Council in RDK and Reign of Terror.  She brings a passion for creating the perfect mix of community fun and challenging events to make Cutthroat the ideal place to be.

Bmsuperfly‘s has a quiet patience for dealing with all situations.   He is attentive to the concerns of others and serves as a medium between members and the rank team.  He climbed through the ranks from Mentor to Advisor through his endless dedication to making Cutthroat better.  Behind the scenes he works tirelessly tracking attendance and working with other ranks to see that ideas and plans are carried out to their fullest potential.

John has nearly a decade of clanning experience to draw from, having warred in all types of situations against dozens of clans. He has a fun personality and is a skiller caller making him an excellent addition to any pk trip or fight. John brings a lighthearted attitude and brightens up trips. He uses these skills to make trips more fun and to ensure members are fully engaged and ready for action at any moment.

Addy was a member in Cutthroat for a number of years before stepping into the Mentor rank.  His dedication in game and commitment to quality make him an ideal pick for a rank as he has already stood as a role model for fellow members.  Perhaps his most valuable quality though is his honest and constructive in his criticism of others pushing them to better themselves.  He is a skilled communicator and able to carefully explain what a newcomer or even a seasoned member might need to change and improve.

Rojas has played a huge role in Cutthroat’s community since he first joined.  He has made dozens of meaningful friendships, introduced many to the clan, and helped newcomers integrate into the community.  His dedication, patience, and quality will help him to teach newcomers and help them adapt as they move through the application process.

Frost Shield like many others came to Cutthroat with little experience and built himself into a skilled and quality pker. Not only did he improve his skills in multi warring but also in single, putting countless hours into bettering himself and in turn into bettering Cutthroat. He is one of Cutthroat’s most active members and is someone who is always making sure that he is contributing 110% at any moment often warring on multiple accounts. He will use these skills to teach and guide newcomers to follow the same path he did as they progress through the application process.