October: John

There are often members who contribute consistently over their entire time in Cutthroat.  John sticks out as one of those people who through thick and thin has kept pushing to make Cutthroat great.  Over the last month John was one of the most active members having an attendance rate above 70%.  He also frequently steps up during pks to help call or even direct worlds to hop.  He is an active member in the community spending his time with fellow members raiding or doing other activities.  He is frequently at small mans and he is someone who helps make pk trips fun and enjoyable.  His positive attitude is a great example for fellow members to follow.  So for all these reasons and more congrats to @John as October’s Motm!

I also want to give a shout out to @Enjoi Opfor all of your hard work recruiting and getting new people involved in the community.  You have only been in Cutthroat for a few months but your dedication to improving yourself and inviting others already makes you a stand out member.