How to Join

Cutthroat's application process is designed to distinguish those who have what it takes from those who do not. To take to first step into becoming a part of our elite warring community, register on our forums and join our public Discord to begin getting to know people.


To apply as a Trial Member we require a minimum of 118 combat. Your PK tab must be fully stocked with all necessary gear including dark mystic sets and Cutthroat's signature Skull Kiteshields. We also require that you have Barrows Gloves, Zamorakian Hasta, and an Ancient Mace (all of these are unlocked through quests). Above all though you must have the ability to listen carefully and follow directions, be open and accepting of constructive criticism, and a desire to push the clan to be everything it can be.

About Cutthroat

Last of the Great PKers

Cutthroat opened in 2015 with just a small group of friends and has now grown into a powerful clan with more than 70 of RuneScape’s most dedicated and quality PK’ers. Our journey has been filled with challenges and rivals but the amazing achievements and friendships we have made along the way have made every moment unforgettable. Cutthroat has had wars lasting for more than 10 hours, we have warred 100v100 in clan wars, and we have competed for prizes in Jagex tournaments. What makes us unique from every other PvP clan in OSRS though is our focus on our community. You will have tons of wilderness and clan wars fights in Cutthroat, but you will also have a community to enjoy all your time online with. You will have a community full of individuals who will help and support your goals, who will pvm, or even play other games with. We are not just a strong PvP clan but we are the best of what RuneScape has to offer and our journey has only just started. Come be a part of it!


DMM Tournament #10
2017 CJ Tournament